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Generate a License

How To Generate a License

The BC Commons License Generator service allows you to generate a BC Commons license or a Creative Commons license.
When you select License Generator, you are presented with a series of questions that help you determine which license is appropriate. The generator then produces the license tags which consist of:

  • A machine-readable piece of code (for inclusion in websites)
  • A graphic and text (for inclusion in documents, such as Word and PDF, and in other types of materials).

The license tags denote the license under which content is available, and let users know the terms of use.

To attach a licence tag to your learning resource, you simply copy and paste it. Detailed instructions for tagging content are provided online.

IMPORTANT: Always use the BC Commons License Generator service when licensing a learning resource for sharing via SOL*R. The license generator produces a specific variant of the Creative Commons license, (i.e., the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License). If you go directly to the Creative Commons website for a license, you may not obtain the required variant.

When to Use the General Public License

If your learning resource is a software tool or other executable technology, and you want to share it world-wide, use the Creative Commons GNU GPL (General Public License). This license is maintained by the Creative Commons and is available from the BC Commons License Generator service .

IMPORTANT: Do not use the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License for software tools and technologies. This license is for content only. It does not apply to source code.