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TIP: Be sure to check General Best Practices for guidelines, recommendations and tips that apply to all course management systems (CMSs).

NOTE: For practical purposes, best practices for WebCT CE6 apply to WebCT Vista as well.

Use WebCT CE6 “Modules” Functionality to Structure Content

WebCT modules functionality is available in both WebCT CE4 and CE6. It allows you to logically group and sequence your content so that the resulting structure is maintained when content is exported from WebCT. The Content Module tool in WebCT provides modules functionality.

To ensure WebCT content is in a standards-compliant format for use with other CMSs, it is recommended you use WebCT modules functionality. This applies to single learning resources as well as entire courses created in WebCT.

For more information, see the corresponding topic in WebCT CE4 Best Practices.

Export WebCT CE6 Content Instead of Backing Up

Learning resources created in WebCT CE4 and CE6 are not in a format that can be accepted by SOL*R and shared with other CMSs. Use the WebCT Export Content function to export content in standards-compliant IMS Content Package format for use in other CMSs. Do not use the Backup Course function.

For more information, see the corresponding topic in WebCT CE4 Best Practices.

Workaround for Exporting a Complete Course from WebCT CE6


In WebCT CE6, you cannot export a complete course containing a number of modules. You can only export individual content modules.

The following workaround can be used to avoid the time-consuming task of exporting each module separately and then uploading to SOL*R.

Workaround Steps

1. Use the Content Module tool to create a content module for each module in the course.

NOTE: WebCT “modules” functionality is used in both WebCT CE4 and CE6 to ensure content structure and sequence are maintained when content is exported in a standards-compliant format for use by other CMSs. For more information, see Using WebCT “Modules” Functionality to Structure Content in WebCT CE4 best practices.

2. When all content modules have been created, create an additional content module for the course.

3. Place all the individual content modules in the newly created course content module.

4. Export the course content module.

WARNING: With this workaround you lose all tracking capability within the course.