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Relations Between OPDF, BC Commons and SOL*R

Together the OPDF, BC Commons/Creative Commons licenses, and SOL*R are a suite of BCcampus educator services that foster open development, sharing, and reuse of online learning resources. They fit together like pieces of a puzzle.


The first of the connected puzzle pieces is the Online Program Development Fund. The purpose of this annual fund is to increase the number of online courses, programs, and other resources available to students in British Columbia. This is accomplished by providing funding to BC public post-secondary institutions for development of online learning resources.

For more information on the OPDF, see the Online Program Development Fund web page on the BCcampus website.

BC Commons/Creative Commons Licenses

Associated with the OPDF is a set of licenses that allow online learning resources to be shared and reused free of charge. Developers can opt for either of the following licenses:

  • Creative Commons, which shares the resource globally
  • BC Commons, which limits sharing to the local context of BC? public post-secondary education system.
  • Both the BC Commons license and the Creative Commons license:
  • Ensure intellectual property and copyright rest with the originator of the resource
  • Allow the original resource to be modified and require the improved version to be contributed back to SOL*R
  • Require attribution be given to the originator of the resource.

For more information on the licenses used by BCcampus, see the BC Commons website.


SOL*R is the final piece of the puzzle. It is the web-based repository where OPDF-funded content and BC Commons/Creative Commons licenses come together to facilitate open sharing and reuse of online learning resources.